New Homestead Requirements as of Sept.01,2013

The Texas Legislature recently amended section 11.43 of the Texas Property Tax Code. This section of the Texas Property Tax Code governs applications for exemptions. House Bill 1287 was signed in to law June 14, 2013 and revised the documents required to be filed with residence homestead exemption applications. These new requirements became effective September 1, 2013.

The new amended requirements as revised by HB 1287
no longer require that applicants submit a copy of their vehicle registration receipt. What is required of the applicant is a Texas driver's license or Texas state-issued identification card. The address on these required documents must be the same as the address for which the homestead exemption is being requested. The new requirement does not apply to homeowners who already have homestead exemptions. It affects only new applications and renewals sent to the Maverick County Appraisal District.

The new law affects all new applications for general homestead exemptions as well as:

  • Over-65 Exemption
  • Disability Exemption
  • Disabled Veterans Exemption
  • Extended Exemption for homeowner’s Surviving Spouse
  • Manufactured (mobile) Home Exemption

Different guidelines are available for:

1.Active duty members of the armed services and their spouses

2. If the applicant is certified for participation in the address confidentiality program administered by the Texas Attorney General

3. If the homeowner is a resident of a facility that provides services related to health, infirmity or aging.

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