Information Regarding Electronic Protests

If you choose to protest your value for 2020, you have two options, using the enclosed protest form or by electronically filing via the new E-file system. If you choose E-file, here are some things you need to know prior to registering:

  • Only two protest reasons are eligible to be filed electronically. Value is Over Market; and/or Value is Unequal compared with other properties.
  • If you have protest reasons other than market value issues, have documentation you would like to share with the Maverick County Appraisal District (MCAD), or would prefer an informal meeting you should not use E-file.
E-file does allow you to:
  • File your protest electronically, if you have a valid email address. The MCAD will keep your email address confidential.
  • Receive comparable sales or other evidence that the Chief Appraiser plans to present at the formal hearing. Receive a settlement offer to correct the appraisal district records by changing the market value; or receive notice from the appraisal district that no settlement offer was made by the appraisal district.

To access the E-file system please visit the website
(link is only available during protest period)

You will need your Owner ID and PIN located at the top of the letter that was mailed to you to register. Your PIN is case sensitive. Please enter the PIN exactly as it appears. Do not share your PIN; it is considered your signature. If you lose your PIN, contact the MCAD to receive another via USPS mail. Your deadline will not be extended while awaiting your PIN.

After you have registered on-line and filed your protest, you will receive emails from the MCAD when evidence is ready for review and/or when a settlement offer has been made. Once a settlement has been offered, you can then accept or decline the offer. If you accept the offer, the MCAD will change the value and send you a confirmation email and the protest will be considered closed. If you do not accept the offer or a settlement is not offered, you will receive an email instructing you when to appear before the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) for your formal hearing at 2243 North Veterans Blvd Eagle Pass, Tx 78852.

E-file does not allow for an exchange of information with the appraisal district, if you would like to have an informal meeting with an appraiser you should file your protest using the enclosed protest form. If you should need to contact the MCAD in regard to your protest, please contact us at (830)773-0255.

General Information