Policy For Resolving Public Complaints

If an individual files a written complaint with the MCAD Board of Directors (BOD) that the board has authority to resolve, the complaint must state explicitly the issues involved and include appropriate documentation. The BOD will consider complaints about itself, the Appraisal District, the Appraisal Review Board, or any of the following persons:

1. A member of the Board of Directors
2. A member of the Appraisal Review Board
3.The Chief Appraiser
4. Any employee of the appraisal district
5. Any private person or firm who, by contract, performs governmental functions for the Appraisal District

The following items cannot be resolved by the Board of Directors:

1. A determination of appraisal value
2. Unequal appraisal
3. Inclusion of property on appraisal records
4. Denial of exemption
5. Disqualification for special appraisal
6. Identification of applicable taxing units (location of property taxation)
7. Determination of ownership
8. A determination that a change of use on specially appraised property has occurred
9. Any other actions that apply to property owners and adversely affect them

The Board of Directors shall take actions it may deem reasonable and appropriate to resolve a complaint. The Board's deliberations at its meetings with respect to complaints shall occur in open session or executive session as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551, Government Code.

In response to each complaint referred by the Board or Chairperson to the Chief Appraiser, the Chief Appraiser shall investigate the validity of the complaint, and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Chief Appraiser shall report to the BOD at its meetings on the results of the investigations and make recommendations with respect to complaints. All parties shall cooperate fully with an investigation being conducted by the Chief Appraiser.

If a complaint is addressed to some action or omission specifically on the part of the Chief Appraiser or if it otherwise appears that the Chief Appraiser could not objectively investigate the complaint and make impartial recommendations to the BOD, then the Chairperson or the BOD may refer the complaint to some other party to perform the functions of the Chief Appraiser with the regard to investigating the complaint and making recommendations to the BOD.

It shall be the goal of the BOD that all pending complaints shall be resolved within 30 days of the date the complaint was filed with the District. If the complaint cannot be resolved within 30 days being filed, the BOD at the first meeting following the expiration of the 30 -day period shall direct that both parties be notified in writing regarding the status of the complaint unless such notice would jeopardize an undercover investigation. In such case, except for a statement that the complaint is being reviewed, the BOD will not respond to a complaint until the undercover investigation has been concluded and the BOD has been informed that a response would be appropriate.

The Chief Appraiser or person appointed by the BOD shall deliver to the BOD at least once every three months a full report of the status of the investigation of the complaint.

The Board of Directors (BOD) shall notify the parties when a complaint is finally resolved.

MCAD Policy for Resolving Public Complaints

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